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Ieso Digital Health increases access to evidence-based mental health therapy and is the leading provider of internet-enabled therapy in the United Kingdom.

Discreet one-to-one Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is delivered in real time using written (typed) conversation, where people meet an accredited therapist in a secure, virtual therapy room, at a time and location that is both convenient and comfortable for them.

The use of technology and written conversation improves patient choice and offers more widespread access to effective, evidence-based mental health therapy.

Ieso Digital Health Provides

  • Patient appointment management
  • KPI data collection
  • MDS collection
  • Timely and detailed reports on progress and outcomes

The therapy service

  • Schedule therapy appointments.
  • Create and manage therapeutic goals.
  • Manage and review therapy recovery questionnaires.
  • Review transcripts of therapy appointments to improve quality of care.
  • Secure out-of-appointment messaging for therapist and patient.

Therapy via written conversation

This method can benefit people:

  • Who are embarrassed or hesitant about therapy due to the perceived shame of having a mental health problem.
  • Who want to access therapy discreetly.
  • Who want to retain a record of therapy for easy review.

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